Welfare Party of India oppose Central Government move to introduce Orange Colour Passport


New Delhi: 16th January, 2018. Welfare Party of India strongly opposed the Central Government step to introduce Orange Colour Passport for less educated people not passed 10th class. Party national president Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas in a statement said the present Modi Government and its mentors have been polarising people based on faith, food etc and this is the latest to divide people on educational qualifications.

“People with these inferior passports will have to face discrimination in the job market and elsewhere. People seek job abroad for better prospects and the dwindling opportunities domestic sector due to wrong policies of governments. With job crisis due to political uncertainties and oil crisis in the Middle East, this discriminatory passport move will create problems for our countrymen, who are less educated and mostly belonging to the marginalized sections. The government should immediately desist from this discriminatory and divisive move, the statement continued.”

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